Cryoskin Body Contour Plasma Treatment

Cryoskin is a fat-freezing procedure authorised by the Food and Drug Administration.

Instead of a vacuum applicator, a massaging wand is used to apply Cryoskin. Using a suction applicator is unnecessary since the technician has complete control over the wand’s temperature and the region being treated.

At first, your healthcare practitioner will apply temperatures of at least 104 degrees Fahrenheit to the affected region for 2 minutes. The same area will then be treated with low temperatures of 3 to -5 °C for 12 minutes, bringing the total treatment duration to slightly under 30 minutes.

The areas of the body that may benefit from CryoSlimming are those with pinchable fat.

The term “cryoskin” refers to a family of treatments that use extreme heat and cold to eliminate fat cells.

CryoSlimming is used to reduce fat from the face, CryoToning is used to tighten the skin, and CryoFacial is used to tighten the skin on the front.

The same Cryoskin equipment is used for each treatment, but the settings are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Because the technology is done with a portable wand, your provider has a lot of leeways to shape your face in the most natural way possible.

With an increasing demand for aesthetic operations to help patients feel and look their best, professionals in the field of medical aesthetics are exploring the most effective ways to make these treatments more widely accessible. These days, various methods may be used to refresh the look of skin and alter the body’s contours without the requirement for invasive surgery. Cryoskin is one popular option since it does not involve cutting into the skin. Because it made fat freezing accessible to many enterprises, Cryoskin is now one of the best-selling quick-freezing machines worldwide. The invention of Cryoskin completely altered the mechanics of fat-freezing treatments. The Cryoskin device sub-freezes the body’s temperature while using the “Peltier Effect” to regulate the wand’s temperature, making it a safer method of giving heat as a therapy.


Cryoskin is a relatively recent method developed in Paris to eliminate fat cells and tighten the skin. This cosmetic treatment is administered by a soothing massage that requires no needles or surgery. Fat cells may be eliminated through the “Peltier Effect” without harming the surrounding tissue. Cryoskin promotes itself as a solution that helps people lose weight without experiencing any discomfort. It’s meant to destroy fat cells, shrink stubborn fat deposits, and smooth out the look of the skin by bringing such areas down to subzero temperatures. Cyroskin claims to aid weight loss in this manner, but without the high cost or lengthy recuperation associated with invasive cosmetic surgeries like liposuction.

A woman doing Cryoskin weight loss in Whittier, CA


The use of cryo skin has been shown to reduce the effects of ageing by destroying fat cells and eliminating cellulite. Its electronic handheld device allows precise temperature regulation throughout the Cryoskin treatment process. Cryoskin sessions may last anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. Cyroskin sessions, if attended, are divided into three distinct stages. To begin, the skin is heated to a temperature of roughly 40 degrees Celsius for four minutes before being cooled to a temperature of -8 degrees Celsius for 24 minutes or more. The goal of cryo-skin therapy is to reduce the temperature of local fat cells to the point where they are destroyed without causing significant damage to the surrounding tissue.

Many patients compare the therapy to a soothing massage because of how comfortable they feel. The method often starts by warming the skin and then gradually decreases the temperature so the sensation of the temperature shifts is mild. Fat cells are eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system for two weeks after a session. On average, Cryoskin is said to permanently reduce fat by 20–25% in the treated region. Results may be preserved for a long time if a healthy lifestyle is adopted. Slight timing improvements will be seen immediately away, but the full effect won’t show up for another two to three weeks.


Toning, weight loss and skin regeneration are the three primary effects of cryoskin treatments.

  • Toning directly results from heat shock, which provides instantaneous results by boosting circulation and collagen production. The anti-aging benefits of Cryoskin toning may be seen after only one treatment.
  • Fat cells are frozen, which leads to weight loss and explicitly targets the locations above. Fat cells die when exposed to temperatures below freezing, and the lymphatic system takes care of the carcasses. This method of rapid weight loss is safe and non-invasive.
  • Reduced cellulite, smaller/closed pores, increased circulation, and reduced stretch marks all contribute to a more youthful appearance of the skin. This is an expected side effect of every Cryotherapy session, not only those aimed at weight loss or muscle toning.
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This article will go through the three critical treatments that Cryoskin provides and their essential features.

Cryoskin Slimming

CryoSlimming therapy involves a three-phase procedure of warming, freezing, and warming for a total of 28 minutes to induce apoptosis in the superficial tissue layers of the body. Fat cells are killed by quickly administering two very different temperatures; the lymphatic system subsequently takes over the cleanup operation. As often as every two weeks, that’s how often you should do this therapy.

Cryoskin Toning

Cryoskin Toning is a 20-minute treatment that uses cold therapy to reduce the temperature of the skin’s outermost layers, to -2oC, stimulating the body’s metabolism and improving blood flow. This procedure enables the body to produce more collagen and elastin, eliminating cellulite, tightening nearby tissues, and slowing the ageing process. Once a week is the suggested frequency for this therapy.

Cryoskin facial

Cryoskin facials, which likewise employ cold temperatures to increase collagen formation, diminish the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and enhance skin suppleness, last for 20 minutes. Those who have had fillers or Botox within the previous year should avoid doing this.


For the most outstanding results with Cryoskin, applicants should have “pinchable” fat. However, pregnant women, those with weak circulation, and those with advanced stages of diabetes, cancer, liver illness, or renal disease should not undergo the therapy.

  • Those who already adhere to a healthy diet and exercise programme are good candidates for this operation (or are willing to adopt one to maintain the results).
  • Targeted fat loss is an option for those who want to trim specific trouble spots when exercise hasn’t helped.
  • Individuals interested in undergoing surgery might get it done during their lunch hour and return to work right after.
  • Those who don’t want or need expensive, life-changing outcomes
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Essentially, the only variation between the three Cryoskin treatments is the mode in which the wand is placed. The treatments may be relied upon to be risk-free thanks to the wand’s integrated sensors. Cryoskin has not been authorised by the Food and Drug Administration, and additional study is required to determine its range of possible adverse effects. After Cryotherapy, skin tone shifted, according to one research. People with severe Raynaud’s, poor circulation, diabetes, cancer, and pregnant women are not good candidates for this therapy.


CryoSlimming and CryoToning, like other treatments, are most effective after a series of around 5 sessions. However, even after the first session, most people see positive changes. In addition, you should expect results within two to three weeks after finishing therapy, which might last for months. This results from a combination of a good diet and regular exercise. Also, lymphatic drainage procedures, which should be done once or twice a week between sessions, have a role to play in it. Cryofacial, on the other hand, may provide visible effects from the first session, in contrast to other facial treatments, which often include many stages and may take a long time to bear fruit; nevertheless, keep in mind that everyone is different and may respond differently to Cryoskin.

The longer time that passes between sessions, the better the outcome. However, each session’s effects will be at their best two to three weeks following the treatment, when the body has completed flushing out the dead fat cells. The long-term impact of Cryoskin differs from person to person based on factors including nutrition, lifestyle, and the body’s reaction to the treatment.


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