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Debunking 5 Skincare Myths Which Make No Sense At All

Skincare is every woman’s best friend. However, thanks to numerous old wives’ tales and the internet, several self-proclaimed skin experts spread absurd information about skincare, making no sense whatsoever. Here are 5 of these skincare myths that we all need to stop believing now!

Acne goes away with time:

While it is true that young women, mainly teenagers, are more prone to acne due to sudden hormonal changes, but there is no guarantee that this acne will go away with time. When acne begins to appear on your face, the best thing to do is to visit a dermatologist and get the right products and treatment to get rid of it! Do not wait for it to go away itself, it will only get worse with time!

Oily skin doesn’t require moisturizer:

It is a myth that oily skin doesn’t require moisturizing. Oily skin requires as many moisturizers as dry skin, if not more. Your skin produces excessive oil when it is not moisturized enough. It is your skin’s way of dealing with dehydration. Hence always make sure you keep your skin moisturized with the right type of moisturizer. If you have oily skin, water-based moisturizers will work the best for you as they do not clog pores.

Washing face with warm water opens pores for deeper cleansing:

Women usually love bathing in steaming hot showers and washing their faces with the same water. Most of them do this for the soothing effects; however, some assume hot water will open their pores and cause a deeper cleanse. Although steam does open your pores, hot water can cause irritation and strip your skin of its natural oil and barriers that lock in moisture, hence drying up your skin. The best solution is to use a hot towel to open your pores and use room temperature water to wash your face.

Sun Screen is not essential during winters:

Wearing Sunscreen is as important during winters as it is during summers. Sunlight contains harmful UV rays, which can cause your skin to dry out, age faster, and develop the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Other than making your skin look uneven and rough, sun exposure also puts you at a greater risk of developing skin cancer in the future. Hence whether it is winter or summer, or whether you’re going out in the sun for five minutes, always put on a sunscreen of above SPF 30.

Natural products are better than chemicals:

When a laboratory tests and certifies skincare products, there must be a reason. Assuming that natural ingredients work better than skincare products is the biggest misconception out of all those mentioned above. Clinically tested skincare products are certified after thorough testing and investigation. While natural products help make the skin healthy, the results are often too slow and less than those of artificially made ones.

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